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"Portable Classic"

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Equestrian representation of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Orazio Albrizzi, Circa 1650

The exhibition "Serial Classic"

co-curated by Salvatore Settis and Anna Anguissola, dedicated to classical sculpture and explores the ambivalent relationship between originality and imitation in Roman culture and its insistence on the spread of multiple as gifts to Greek art.

The idea of ​​classic tend to associate that of uniqueness, but in no period of Western art to create copies of the great masterpieces of the past has been as important as in the Rome of the late Republic and the Empire. The exhibition brings together more than 60 works and opens with a focus on the lost originals and their multiple copies, particularly represented by two series known as the "Discobolus" and "Venus squatting". Two other important collections are dedicated to the themes of the materials and the color of bronze and marble classic.

L '' Apollo of Kassel ", for example, is repeated in two recent plaster casts reproducing the bronze surface of the original greek lost and coloring of Roman copies in marble. Another section of the exhibition explores the technologies and methods used in the production of copies, illustrating two fundamental as the creation of the plaster cast and the transfer of measures on the new block of marble. Also on display they are two notes series, the "Penelope" and "Caryatids" prototype Erechtheion in Athens.