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The Greek woman and the intimate in ancient times -

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"Séduction et érotisme"

1. kylix a decor erotique

2. Kylix a decor erotique

3. Pyxide au petit Eros nus




The female images in ancient Greece are mostly dedicated to the gods, they symbolize an ideal moving aesthetics, according to the times, but always respond to a codification relayed by literature or mythology.


This representation, however, is far from the reality of life of the Greek woman. Their conditions may vary between cities, but the girl status to that of mature woman is often program their existence from birth louse a course almost immutable.

Also what about Love, life has two? What is the power of women in Greek society? Could your tackle our ideal of the couple on the ancient reality?


Find this exhibition of 20 September 2015 to 20 March 2016 at the MAM (Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology) in Marseille.