Pompeii in Pictures - Giorgio Sommer

Published on:
19th June - 19th July 2015 EXTENDED TO 2nd August 2015
Shortly after his arrival in Italy, the German photographer Giorgio Sommer (1834-1914), established himself as the most prolific photographer of archaeological sites of the nineteenth century. Between 1857 to 1888, he produced thousands of images of archeological sites, landscapes, art objects and portraits. Appointed Royal Photographer in 1865, his works include images from museums such as the Vatican or the National Archaeological Museum at Naples, but also scenes from Naples, Florence, Rome, Capri and Sicily. His album Dintorni di Napoli contained over one hundred images of lively everyday scenes in Naples.
Through the photographer’s work the exhibition takes you on a walk through the ancient city of Pompeii, from the amphitheatre, passing by the Temple of Isis, through the forum, before going out to the surburban villa of Diomedes.
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A 36-page bilingual (French/English) catalogue with high-resolution black and white plates and descriptions of the photographs accompanies the exhibition. It is available online and at the museum shop for 15€.
Curated by Katia Schörle & Leisa Paoli