MACM 4D - The museum comes to you!

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Innovation in museums today is essential to attract a wide and diverse audience.
By integrating 21st century technology we can anticipate the growing demand of today’s visitor, all generations included. 

We would like to present a unique product: the interactive virtual museum - MACM 4D.
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This application, available in five languages, is a photorealistic virtual reconstruction of the Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins (MACM).
The entire museum and the exhibited artworks have been recreated in 3D offering an unequalled experience. 

MACM 4D allows you to move freely around the virtual museum.
Two exploration modes, a guided tour or an independent walk-through, enable you to discover the collection and the striking scenography of the museum as if you were there.
The visitor can enjoy the unique experience of the MACM with this virtual tour of exceptional quality – admiring the large array of artworks and 3D views of a selection of objects, zooming in on the smallest of details. 

The catalogue of the entire collection, divided into categories, benefits from an easy and comprehensive search mode with an interactive function to see the pieces in situ in the museum.

We bring the museum to you - and its mission to share its collection with the world can be fulfilled at any given time above and beyond the physical boundaries.

MACM4D is created by Navigator4D

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