Past is Present

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"Whether we look at it from a scientific or philosophical point of view, this question continues to elude us because it is the foundation of our existence. The way we define the past, the present and the future, is nothing else but the experience of our own life.

It is difficult to detach from this personal relationship to time. However, seen from another angle, on the scale of terrestrial time for example, Antiquity is extremely close to our era. Civilisations and social habits change but the individuals that make up humanity remain the same., inhabited by the same questions and the same search for meaning.

It seems obvious to me that our past is our present. Antiquity is at the origin of our era. My work therefore seeks to open a dialogue between these two periods in order to extract a new meaning."
                                           Léo Caillard

Sculptures, photographs and installations by the Parisian artist integrate the MACM's permanent collection during this temporary exhibition.
His works enter without hesitation into the dialogue between ancient and modern art that is so specific to the concept of the Musée d'Art Classique de Mougins.

Be it his engaging series, 'Hipsters in Stone' which gives the visitor a contemporary and humorous vision of classical sculptures, his 'Heroes of Stone' that incarnate warriors from another dimension, his new work that explores mythology or even his futuristic vision of a Roman emperor, Leo Caillard crosses the barriers of time with this exhibition 'PAST IS PRESENT'

Discover the works on display as well as Caillard's biography by downloading the press release here