"On n'a rien inventé ! Produits, commerce et gastronomie dans l'Antiquité romaine" (We have not invented anything! Produce, trade and gastronomy in Antiquity)

History Museum of Marseille from 15th June until 24th November 2019

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As part of "Marseille-Provence 2019, the year of gastronomy in Provence", the Marseille History Museum and the Departmental Museum Arles Antique have joined forces to present We have not invented anything! Products, commerce and gastronomy in Roman Antiquity from 15th June until 24th November 2019 at the History Museum in Marseille. This exhibition puts the spotlight on archaeological finds related to produce used over time. The aim of this show is to compare ancient and contemporary objects but also to revive certain gestures or recipes thanks to videos and experiments.

The MACM is very happy to play a part in this exhibition and to lend 5 objects for the occasion:


MACM works on loan :

  1. North African dish depicting fishes and a hippocampus, Red ware, 4th century AD (MMoCA391)
  2. Roman purple glass bottle, 1st century AD (MMoCA351)
  3. Polychrome wall painting showing three figs, 1st century AD (MMoCA273)   
  4. Greengage and Apricot, Oil on canvas, Henri Fantin Latour, 1864 (MMoCA89MA)   
  5. Silver skyphos, Hellenistic Period, 3rd - 2nd century BC (MMoCA306)