Saturday 26th November 10am-6pm

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Join us to commemorate this historical event on

Our programme of events will immerse you in the context & excitement that surrounded this momentous discovery by British archaeologist Howard Carter.

Carter will share his experiences & the passion that led him to keep  searching until, on 4th November 1922, he finally got to send a telegram to Lord Carnarvon, his famous benefactor, the following few words: "At last have made wonderful discovery in Valley; a magnificent tomb with seals intact; re-covered same for your arrival. Congratulations."

On 26th November 1922, together they entered the tomb...

So what's going to happen at the Mougins Museum this coming Saturday 26th November?

Howard Carter himself (an actor) will be present at the MACM to recount the story that captivated the world 100 years ago and still today: the discovery of an ancient Egyptian tomb, still intact, the tomb of the one who would soon become the most famous of all pharaohs.

Videos will be shown in the museum's galleries to introduce you to the young Howard Carter, who used to be an artist before becoming an Egyptologist and to make you experience the emotion that surrounded the very first moments of this discovery. The images will take you to the King's Valley and get you to be as close as possible to the treasures of Tutankhamun's tomb.

A family-friendly guide designed specially for the event will guide you through the Mougins MUseum's astonishig collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts.

To take full advantage of the various devices made available to you on this very special day, we would like to invite you to bring your headphones.

Usual admission fees apply
Under 10s go free
Entertainment complimentary (in French)