50 Nuances de Grecs. Encyclopédie des mythes et des mythologies. Tome 1

by Jul and Charles Pépin 

Book in French 

With the devasting humor and mischievous spirit that made “Planet of the Wise”, “Plato the Goof”; and “Silex and the City” such a success, Jul and Charles Pépin take us on a joyful and learned round on the company of the gods of Olympus and the entire Greek heroes. 

The challenge of this encyclopedia: to bring the mythology back to life by projecting it into our modern daily lives ! 

You thought you knew everything about our Greco-Latin heritage ? Imagine Zeus negotiating alimony for his innumerables offspring, Heracles in the tail of Acropolis-employment, Daedalus obliged to bring his labyrinth up to disabled standards, or Narcissus with his selfish pole… and you will understand all that mythology has yet to bring us ! 

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