Dufy Dessine le Sud exhibition catalogue

"Dufy Dessine le Sud"
Fanny GUILLON-LAFFAILLE, international expert & author of Raoul Dufy's on-going catalogue raisonnés & curator of the MACM exhibition

"The project for this exhibition came to light thanks to the shared passion of two people: Christian Levett, art collector and founder of the MACM (Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins) and Fanny Guillon-Laffaille, the expert of Raoul Dufy and author of the artist’s on-going catalogue raisonné.
Raoul Dufy drew many landscapes and depictions of life in the South of France during his multiple stays in the region. A selection of watercolours, paintings and drawings will transport you into the atmospheric representations of festivities and joie-de-vivre that the artist captured so well through the strokes of his pencil or paintbrush."

Discover reproductions of the paintings & drawings from the unique edition of the 1918 publication of Eugène Montfort's "La Belle Enfant ou l'Amour à 40 Ans" illlustrated by Raoul Dufy in this catalogue.

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Dufy Dessine le Sud exhibition catalogue